Take care of your old parents Archbishop Ntagali

By Frederick Anyine

Kabale, Uganda

The Archbishop of the Province of Uganda, His Grace Stanley Ntagali
has appealed to all children to look after their parents when in old
age, care for them and keep security of the family property and never
be tempted to fight or kill them for inheritance.

He warned that those who don’t work hard, honor, respect and remember
their parents will get curses and will never be blessed.

Archbishop Ntagali made the remarks while preaching at celebrating and
giving thanks for the life of Mzee Yosamu Rutanga he presided over at
Kaharo Church of Uganda Kaharo sub county in Kabale diocese.

At the same function the Rutanga Foundation was launched in
commemoration of late Yosamu Rutanga being the founder of Kaharo
primary school in 1945 who used band to mobilize children to join the

Archbishop Ntagali made the call yesterday while preaching the
memorial service of cerebrating the life of the founder of Kaharo
primary school Josam Rutanga that was held at Kaharo Church of Uganda
in Kabale district.

He urged the parents to be exemplary to all their children as was late
Yosamu Rutanga whose being remembered in the thanks giving for hard
work he did in his life and blessings he left to his family.

Robert Sabiiti Rutanga the Assistant Commissioner in charge Skills
Management and Agriculture Extension one of the sons of the late
Rutanga said they are remembering the life and deeds of their late
farther for being the mentor, teacher and as a person who made
everything to his children from humble background.

Professor Mulindwa professor of Political Science and Public
Administration at Makerere University said they were remembering the
life of their father Rutanga for what he achieved and what could have
remained where the school of Kaharo primary school he started in 1945
is limping that must be improved while on earth.

He said they have started Rutanga Foundation focusing at promoting
education where they started with infrastructure improvement in the
school to make it a model primary and secondary school in Kaharo area
saying its only through education the area can be developed to another
level with community contribution.

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  1. Children now adays wisg their parents only death so that they can take their property.

  2. Thanks Rutanyara family and foundation for focusing on the developement of kaharo.

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